It's All About The Ruching

It's All About The Ruching

SM Style Loft's fall items are in and did you notice a trend? If so, then you see it's all about the ruching! The items chosen for the fall collection were no coincidence that they all have a ruching detail to them. So what is ruching you ask? Ruching is the gathering of fabric together to create a textured and stretchy item. I chose to add pieces with a ruching detail for a couple reason. Ruching is in right now. Ruching started in the 80's with basic gathering designs and has transformed into so much more present day. Ruching has somehow made it's way back to 2020🙌🏽

Not only is ruching trending, which is one of the reasons I added ruching pieces to the collection, but it also is a great way to add texture and draw or take away attention to certain areas. For example, one of the most fab and over the top pieces from the fall collection is the "Drama" blouse. This blouse is full of ruching. It's perfect for adding texture in the sleeves. You can also take away attention to your midsection by adjusting the ruching detail on the front of the blouse. You can control the drama with this blouse 😜

Another reason why I chose ruching items was because they add texture to the pieces. The "Vibe Out" set is another fall favorite of mine. I love these sets so much because they are not your average leggings set. The leggings have a soft material and ruching throughout giving them a unique look. The ruching adds texture, and for me being small, adding the texture adds more onto the outfit and makes me look less skinny 😆 You can also wear ruching items to take away attention to certain areas of your body like the midsection.

Ruching is definitely a unique style, and not for everyone; however, when it's worn the right way, it can look amazing!🙌🏽 What do you think about ruching and would you rock ruching styles? Leave a comment and let me know 😉

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