I Like Your Style!

Welcome! I'm Shonda Micole - owner of SM Style Loft. I absolutely love fashion! After many years of attempting to work in the fashion field and several independent projects later, I decided to create the online boutique that I always wanted.  I live in Chicago and have had no luck landing the fashion job I desire, so here I am! I have my degree in Textiles, Apparel, and Merchandising.  I absolutely love fashion, styling and merchandising.  

SM Style Loft provides trendy, casual, fab, and chic looks at affordable prices. SM Style Loft is for the woman who loves fashion and style. She stans for a good fashion look, to be noticed, and loves to go out whether it's with friends or family. SM Style Loft is for the woman that loves to put different looks together and loves trendy fashion; yet is able to put her own sauce on it and doesn't want to be left out on the latest trends.

In true boutique fashion; styles, sizes, and quantities will be limited and may not be restocked. If you like it, buy it before it's gone! I believe, in fashion, style and beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and your personal style is what you make it! Follow SM Style Loft on social media, click below!